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Friday, 1 June 2012

Bobbi's Desert Beauty Storm

When I worked for magazines, apart from the model and the make-up, a shoot was all centred on the light. When shooting on location, we used to be up at the crack of dawn for the light, mid-day the sun was too high and the light therefore too harsh, and the cameras were put down. They were then picked up again about 7pm. I can understand why Bobbi Brown’s new summer collection is called Desert Twilight, because having shot in the Californian desert just as the sun is going down after a hard day; the soft golden hues are absolutely breathtaking.  It’s the kind of light you search to emulate in your home, find at a restaurant, or wish they had installed on the tube to make you look utterly beautiful. If Hollywood could capture and bottle it, they would. It would save a fortune on lighting technicians. You cannot look bad in this light. It’s as photogenic as - even not more than candlelight.

Bobbi’s star product of this collection is her Desert Twilight Eye Palette. Snap the lid open and you will see eight eye shadows, each a very wearable shade. Honestly, there’s not one out of the eight you couldn’t use. As you can see the lighter colours are iridescent and the darker ones matte. Blend, define and highlight with shades such as Navajo Twilight, Chocolate Mauve and Twilight Metallic.  Casting a flattering glow to lids, eyes look prettily sun swept, not overly made-up and wears well with a holiday tan.

Other picks in this collection I like is the Bronzer/Blush Duo – with an injection of shimmer that looks both gorgeous and sexy, and the nail polish in Turquoise which shouts blue desert skies and tranquil swimming pools. Dip in!

Desert Twilight Eye Palette, £48
Bronze/Blush Duo, £26
Nail Polish, £10

All products are limited edition and on counter July

1 comment:

  1. The large palette looks gorgeous - colours remind me of Laura Mercier shades.

    Nic x