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Friday, 22 June 2012

Zelens Super Mask

When a face mask is called Transformer you expect something big, massive and explosive to happen. Well, Zelens Instant Renewal Mask of said name didn’t turn me into Rosie Huntington-Loveliness, but it did gloss and feed my skin with an extra dose of fabulousness.

 I’ve harped on about Zelens before – a next generation skincare brand created by plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Marko Lens.  Available in 5 dinky tubes, it’s a mask that's used in his professional ‘Red Carpet’ facials,  helping encourage skin renewal thanks to bio-energizing complex, high potency enzymes and other such high flipping, acrobat performing ingredients. What I like about this mask is its low-key application. There’s no wrapping of impregnated fabrics to be draped around the face and no eye widening hardening within the required cooking time. It simply glides on, feeling incredibly luxurious (I'm guessing that would be with the help of pearl extracts) and disappears into the skin. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Simples!

Youthful is a word that’s over-used in skincare with not much credibility, but if a smoother, bouncier and radiant looking skin is acting youthful, then this baby captures it! Skin is visibly more hydrated and glistening. A couple of people commented I looked refreshed post application, which in my book is always a good sign something has made a difference. The downside? The price.  It’s £120 – but I will try and justify. It’s a professional treatment so key ingredients are plentiful and hardworking, the box contains 5 little tubes, but you can easily pump two treatments out of one tube – that makes 10 applications, adding up to only £12 a session, cheaper than a cocktail in a swanky bar.  It’s used on Hollywood stars. You don’t need a red carpet to feel good after wearing it! Convinced yet?

Zelens Transformer Instant Renewal Mask, £120 for 5x5ml tubes.

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