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Friday, 15 November 2013

A little gifting from Jo Malone

It’s traditionally Christmas in July when it comes to entertaining the beauty press as monthly magazines work so far ahead. This picture proves it as I’m wearing sandals! I remember Jo Malone’s very nontraditional Santa dressed in blue was absolutely sweltering – poor guy, but he put on his best ho ho’s and festive summer fun was had by all!

When it comes to gifting from Jo Malone, it’s hard not to self gift too as everything is just so fragrantly wantable. Presents go from big to small. For somebody extra special there’s their Pine & Eucalyptus Luxury Candle at ahem, £260. I’ve been gifted one of these myself in the past, and I have to say it was the Christmas conversation with family and friends. For one it looked and smelled amazing, and secondly it raised the question, 'would you pay that for a candle?' The consensus seemed to be yes, if they could afford it. There’s also middling prices of £62 for the Travel Candle Collection all lovingly boxed with bold black and cream stripes, and sky high prices of £560 for the Trousseau which is very fancy pants. But on the flip side, there’s the gorgeous Christmas Ornament of a mini English Pear & Freesia Body Crème and Pomegranate Noir cologne at £20. It comes in a fanned out mini box the minute you take the lid off, and which you can hang from the tree. So, whatever your purse can reach to there’s something you can give – or receive for yourself and it always looks super exciting. Happy shopping!

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