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Saturday, 9 November 2013

HER hair to go

HER is probably not a brand you’re familiar with when in comes to talking  haircare – but I’ve got a feeling word will spread. Beauty press are already making appreciative noises about it. But for those of you who watch QVC you will be in the know – although randomly the brand’s ambassador, co-creator and co-owner is John Barrowman. I don’t know what to think about this as a) he isn’t a woman and b) he’s not known for his hair, but undoubtedly he seems a very nice man and he’s charming, which always helps when you’re fronting a brand.  Moving on from the singing and acting haircare man, the two standout products for me from this Italian bred brand is their 300 Trecento Revitalising Hair Treatment and their Volumising Powder.

The Revitalising Hair Treatment is a tour de force when it comes to hair that’s lacked TLC. Stuffed with all manner of healers and smoothers including extracts of olive, ginseng and amino acid, simply apply to damp hair and after 300 seconds – that’s 5 minutes for those clock watching and hence the product name, rinse with warm water and hair will feel incredibly nurtured, nourished and soft as a duck feather pillow. Honestly, it really does calm stressed out tresses. The Volumising Powder is adorably kitsch in its packaging, and has fast become my new handbag essential. Rescuing hat hair or greasy flattened roots in a nanosecond, simple sprinkle sparingly on the crown, muss in with fingertips and watch your hair spring back to life.  It’s literally the St John’s Ambulance of hair – or should that be St John Barrowman? Whatever, it brings CPR to fatigued follicles. Fabulous!

HER 300 Trecento costs £26 and the Volumising Powder £14.
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