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Friday, 22 November 2013

GHD straightens up


My name is Jacqui and I’m a straightening addict. I get panic attacks if the light on the power button doesn’t light up immediately for fear they have busted and I will have to suffer kinky and frizzy hair. All day. With this addiction, I have sampled and bought many a pair of straighteners. I am an expert – even down to the cable length. Too short doesn’t give enough arm leverage around the head which makes for limited styling. Each year straighteners get better. Manufacturers up their game and competition can be tough. But I have now discovered GHD’s Eclipse. I am no longer searching for The One. I have found true hair love.

Two industry influencers – one a leading beauty editor and the other a top session stylist told me about these straighteners, so of course I just had to try them. For the science bods amongst you, what cuts the mustard is their patented tri-zone technology. Six smart sensors – 3 in each plate ensure no heat loss during styling and unlike our summers, a constant temperature is maintained every time you stroke. Stylish and super-thin plates give ultimate heat control. Contrary to other straighteners I’ve tried, the plates don’t stick and the chore, not to mention the potential sizzle damage to the hair of ironing over it several times to get a pleasing result is no more. One stroke is enough per section. Crucially they don’t leave the hair looking poker straight, just-straight-enough. Incidentally, I’ve never had so many comments about how good my hair has looked since I’ve started using them. Yes, they’re expensive at £200, but totally worth it.




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