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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Clinique ask, 'Are you Being Served?'


When you’re clock watching and all you want to do is nip in and out of a department store and buy mascara, it can be a tad annoying to have a beauty consultant try and condition you to the whole of their range. Shopping for cosmetics can be a joy, but other times it can feel like a chore/minefield/rushed. Clinique understand this, hence their new service aptly called As You Like It.

Researching into women’s shopping habits, their new counter services adjust to your means and moods. There’s the Foundation and Colour Bar for example, and dedicated make-up and skincare browsing areas which encourage you to test and play at your leisure. Furthermore, for the time strapped there’s the Best Selling Tower which offers a well edited assortment of Clinique’s most popular products. A complete no-brainer in my beauty book.

But one of their most innovative shopping tricks up their sleeve, and one that slips onto your wrist is their complementary rubber wrist brands. These can be picked up on counter and signify how much time you have. Green stands for, ‘I have time, let’s talk.’ White, ‘Time is of the essence’ and pink, ‘Browsing and happy.’ I can’t help thinking they would be good for date nights too!

Available on counter now in Selfridges, London, House of Fraser Meadowhall and Glasgow, Debenhams Leeds and Fenwick, Newcastle

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