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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Just What The Pore Doctor Ordered


I’ve always been a bit of a flirt when it comes to skincare, never staying monogamous to one brand for too long. However, since discovering Alpha-H which I wrote about in this blog a few months ago, I’ve stayed true for at least 12 weeks, which for me, is a triumph. My resolve was only intensified when I saw a beauty journalist last week, who at 37 has a skin age of 25. Her secret when I asked? Alpha-H.


So, it was with a spring in my step I went to experience an Alpha-H facial at The Fern Skin Clinic. It takes a lot to get me out for facials surprisingly enough.  Over my beauty writing years, I’ve rubbed shoulders (or should that be noses?) with leading skin aficionados, so I’ve become quite an expert myself in terms of facial massage and product know-how. But, I have to say there’s no beating the pampering factor of a high-level professional one. Plus, I get to lie down for an hour. In the middle of the day!

I literally felt in safe hands when I met my skin therapist Jodie, who had healthy and radiant looking skin herself. Always my own personal barometer for a treatment. Unfortunately, she was camera shy for my blog so I can’t show and tell. But asking her about skin brands she was forthcoming – familiar with many, she said she loved Alpha-H as it gives results. Refined pores and plumped up collagen included. “A lot of self marketed ‘active’ brands don’t perform well and are just an excuse to push up the price,” she said. Placing her fingertips on my skin she pronounced it dry, so bearing in mind Alpha-H is glycolic acid driven, I may well be over doing it on the old exfoliating front. So, I’m going cold turkey at the weekends, as suggested by Jodie and using a nourishing facial oil – I’ve just discovered Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil which I will be talking about in another posting, but that’s a different skin story!

Back to the treatment in hand, I like facials that are up-tempo. By that I mean ones that never leave you lying on a couch feeling bored wondering what the next move is going to be. And this one ticked the boxes with plenty of massage and hot towel action. There was never a moment when some part of me wasn’t being attended to, whether it was my face/arms/hands/shoulders/neck/scalp. There was a seaweed mask too – even with eyes closed there was no mistaking the smell, whereby it was slicked right over the eyes. I have to confess, I did have a mini panic as I thought Jodie had forgotten the eye gauze, but, she assured me it set quick. And it did, peeling off easily with my eyes intact and able to see! And although I’m not a fan, extraction was included. Many therapists don’t do it, but although painful was necessary, and I’m happy to report my skin post facial didn’t look like it had been squeezed to death. In fact, Jodie said this was always her favourite bit of the facial. A masochistic facialist? Well, it certainly left my skin looking good!
The Alpha-H Facial costs from £70. I went to The Fern Skin Clinic, 18 Englands Lane, London NW3 4TG. Tel:
020 722 2002.
The facial is also available at David Lloyd Leisure Groups

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  1. Why thank you *blushes* :) I also got asked if I was over 25 buying a DVD for Arlo of The Snowman in Sainsbury's this week??? MUST be the Alpha-H! xx