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Thursday, 10 November 2011

The not-so-perfect Plait

Plaits have to be created in such a way they don’t look straight off the set of The Sound of Music. At a recent L’Oreal trends afternoon, they showcased James Pecis, a seasoned session stylist to talk through SS2012 hair trends. One of them being plaits. Now, I only ever wear a plait at the gym, more for practicality than style, feeling it’s too milkmaid to debut in the real world. But after James’s take on the braid I’ve changed my mind. Deftly done plaits can look youthful without looking too school yard, and if you like to wear your hair off your face it’s a cool alternative to the ponytail. Also note, there’s more than one way to wait a plait other than straight down the back as James spotlighted.

James reveals the key is to create a soft braid, and far from traditional three way plaiting, he takes two pieces of hair and ties a series of knots – for this style it was around the head. Catching the model afterwards and asking her if her hair was tangled up into knots, she said they actually came out really easily. “There’s a simplicity to next seasons plait,” explains James, “it’s almost as if they’re an after thought to control your hair, and soft pieces should be pulled out around the face to give a coolness and prettiness to the look.”

Perfect for day-old hair which has more grip, otherwise use Studio Line Silk & Gloss Volume Mousse, £3.56 to give hair guts, knot the hair and finish off with a spritz of Elnett Satin Very Volume Supreme Hold Hairspray, £3.56. Gives hold without look overly polished and lacquered.

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