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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Clarins does pretty with pink

Clarins are on fire for next season. A month or so ago I highlighted their 3-Dot Liner – a new generation, easy peasy eyeliner, this week I’m championing their new Skin Illusion Mineral and Plant Extracts Loose Powder Foundation.

I’ve been using mineral powder foundations for a while – Bare Minerals being one favourite. I prefer the way they leave the complexion looking under make-up and not too try-hard. Their USP is giving a natural coverage - it's almost like dusting on a second skin. Mineral foundations  triumph in humid weather too as they don’t slip like a traditional foundation. Moreover, I personally think they make the skin look younger. Some say they find powder, however finely milled collects in fine lines, but honestly, that can be true of all foundations, whether powder or liquid if you’re too heavy handed. Flatness to the skin can be another grumble with powders, but not this one. No sir-ry!

Clarins secret skin twinkle comes from the inclusion of Pink Opal Powder, a radiance enhancing mineral silicon. Pink Opal is extracted in Brazil and is recognised for their powder to diffract the light. In otherwords, they create an optical, luminous effect on the skin’s surface. When my skin is looking a little below par, I always gravtate towards a pink scarf or sweater. Worn near the skin it immediately gives the impression of putting bloom back into my cheeks. I liken this powder to wrapping a pink feather boa around your neck. A lightness of pretty in seconds!

Now for the innovative packaging. Twist off the lid and inside is a flat, round brush you simply pop out. How clever is that? Perfect for quick touch-ups without any spills or fuss, dip the brush into the powder, tap off excess and swirl and buff onto the skin until you’re good to glow.

Clarins Skin Illusion Mineral & Plant Extracts Loose Powder Foundation costs £28.
Available in six shades from House of Fraser from 6th September and nationwide from 24th September.

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