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Friday, 27 July 2012

Lancome makes eyes with Betty Boop


The differences between black mascaras must be minimal right? Wrong!  That’s the number one make-up misconception if you want stand-out lashes. Like a pair of jeans, you know the right fit the minute you try them on. Some mascaras I’ve ostracised after just one application. The fit was all wrong: spiky, clumpy, zero amplification. Not so with Lancome’s Hynose Star in Noir Midnight. In fact, I’d go as far to say my lashes cannot be parted from this wand. It’s full-on lash love!


A movie-star mascara, it’s inspired by the signature times of the 1930’s – all high voltage volume and killer, sensuous curves. Like the best applied nail polish, the secret is in the brush. This one is a combination of two flat and two round sides. With this four pronged attack lashes can’t fail to make an impressive appearance. The two flat edges load lashes from root to tip for intensity, whilst the rounded edges separate and lengthen lashes. Its triangular shape means that no lash goes untouched or ignored – even the shorter ones. As for the formula, for mascara that gives so much intensity, it’s surprising lightweight to wear. No heaviness is felt and the mineral pigments coated in light reflecting oils delivers dazzle.

Joining the lash line-up is vintage icon, Betty Boop. A product of the 1930’s, she’s sexy, playful and always has a wiggle in her hips. When she sang, ‘Don’t Take My Boop-Oop-A-Doop Away’ who would've guessed she was thinking about her Hypnose star? Watch a video of her trading confidences with Lancome’s face, Daria Werbowy at this link

Lancome Hypnose Star in Noir Midnight costs £21 and is avialble from this month nationwide.

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