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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Perricone Fakes it Real Good

No beach required for a
great looking tan

Sorry to keep harking on about the rain, but with no sun comes no lightly toasted skin – only rust! And that makes a girl feel sad. After all, honeyed limbs and a sun splattered complexion makes us look healthy, feel sexy and gives the illusion of looking at least 5lbs lighter. To summerise from top-to-toe in adverse conditions of unseasonal rain, one has to turn to the DIY home hue – in otherwords crack out the fake tan!

When Perricone’s MD No Sun Tanner landed on my desk, I initially thought what a fab name – after all it speaks our language: the sun is hiding and it promises a tan, secondly I knew the perfect person to test it. My friend is a mistress of fake tanning. She’s tried nearly ever single one on the market, and has her home alone application down to a fine art. If she ever finds herself short of cash, I’m sure she can cut it as a tanning expert. Used to mass market tanning brands – she’s tried everything from Garnier through to L’Oreal and St Moriz, she admittedly baulked at the price tag when I told her it was £54.

 A week later, she called asking, ‘Where can I get it, I don’t care about the price.’ So what swayed her to part £50 plus for a fake tan?  “A little goes a long way,” she said. “I only needed to use three to four pumps for face, neck, chest, legs and arms. I liked the fact it multi-tasked for both face and body – usually I buy separate. Funny enough, I thought I only preferred spray tans, but this changed my mind. The formulation was thin which made it easy to apply and I didn’t have to work hard rubbing it in. It was a tiny bit oily after application, but that’s only a slight grumble. There was no streaking, smelling or staining.  But the encore was the glow. The colour was natural to build as it would be if tanning under the sun – after seven days I had a great colour which looked very natural. In fact, someone I hadn’t seen for a couple of weeks asked me if I’d been away. Just the comment you want after applying a fake tan. It beats asking what fake tan are you using? Which I have to confess I’ve been asked in the past.”  So, if you find yourself on the sunshine diet, try this bottled Mother Nature colour changer for a spot of sun esteem.

Perricone MD No Sun Tanner, £54.

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