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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Soaking Up Solar Sense

Sorry girls, if  you’ve been putting up with the rain, you won't want to hear that I’ve spent the last five days at Lake Como soaking up the sun. I may not have come across George Clooney, but I did come across some fabulous suncare I want to share with you.

Like sandals that rub and cause blisters, if you pack the wrong suncare and burn, you suffer. I have skin type 4 which rarely burns, although of course, I have to be vigilant – I kick start off with an SPF30 then slide down the scale to an SPF15. On this sunny jaunt, I packed an independent and trend led brand – namely because it was a sexy looking bottle, and subsequently burnt. I followed my skin rules: slathering on an SPF30 and  re-applying after pool dipping. Normally when holidaying I stick with the main guns like Nivea or L’Oreal , so this little parting of ways did make me quizz the efficacy of the research and development behind small brands. However, one of my Como Crew of girlfriends came to the rescue with her skin saving Decleor Protective Hydrating Milk for the Body. Firstly, I loved the bottle – what a pretty pink. In fact I’m using it as a colour swatch to paint a wall in my office! Secondly, it was a pump dispenser, making it easy peasy to apply.  And thirdly, it applied like an indulgent spa body treatment. It smelt delicious – jasmine and melon extracts mingled with essential oil of rose, giving skin a sensory up-lift. And as for the texture, it’s deliciously light and sinks in beautifully. But more importantly, I was confidently sun-proofed, allowing me to unleash my inner sun goddess.

Decleor Protective Hydrating Milk for the Body in SPF15, 30 and 50 from £23.

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